Another Web Guard Hack

Web Guard (I spoke of them here), tried to keep me from the Internet Archive on my new T-Mobile ZTE Hotspot.  I repeat, the Internet Archive was blocked, and none of my old hacks were good -- or fast -- enough, so I tried my hand at a new one.

Fuck censorship.

This requires you know the URL you want, and have the ability to cut, (how can anyone live without this?) see your address bar (not your search bar!), paste, and load without your paste being altered. You don't need to be able to read the source of the blocked content (though it gives you something equivalent to the ability to write it). 


How anyone can manage to go for even a dozen pages without viewing the source of a page is beyond me.  (Or disabling styles for that matter...)

I tried to be fancier; I did not succeed. This, however it looks, however awkward the interface, works. I decided to call this... application FWG* for  fuck Web Guard. Go there and paste your URL.

Hixie (Github).

N.B.:This self-contained version of the tool, alas, does not have the option of entering a URL.  A tip of my hat to Mr. Simon Willison for the elegance: I was more envious until I noticed the Tumblr trick.  Still, nice. Sure wish I could have, or you had, figured out the url functionality no one else seems to include...

No one except the venerable Ian Hickson, my hero, who wrote the underlying utility, which changed my life.  Seriously.  Thanks Hixie.

Be seeing you.

M.W.K.P.A | "Childhood's End" by Pink Floyd

Character is fate.

Walk in virtue and you will never walk alone.

All evidence to date indicates this in my life at least.  I myself am working for a universal rollout. To this end, I invite the Gentle Reader to read and listen:

If that doesn't play, click below to try the Youtube link.

In case you are new  to my blog, M.W.K.P.A. stands for Music What Kicketh Political Ass.  A search in the box to the right ought to bring up all the past entries, some of which may no longer include a playable sound file. Under the Internet Archive's policies, not even its Wayback Machine will come to our rescue, due to the legal and physical demise of its source; and with my being too lazy, until I go back and fix all the broken Grooveshark links, if you do visit these posts, I can only encourage you to Look It Up For Yourselves).

Be seeing you.

#NotYourPresident? Not Unless You Do This (I dare you)

Double dog dare, any Politically Correct Snowflakes out there.

Stop destroying other citizen's property and do something relevant.

Can you handle it?

Be seeing you.

MUST-SEE VIDEO: A sweet little bit of practical moral philosophy for our time.


(and cheer is in short supply after the why-was-i-suddenly-not-registered and why-didn't-his-ballot-come-in-the-mail and gee-the-news-just-said-the-california-vote-is-irrelevant and look-ma-no-exit-polls-who-needs-em-they're-ortoriously-inaccurate and how-did-she-win-when-we-can't-find-anyone-hardly-who-voted-for-her and two-million-ballots-somehow-don't-matter-in-a-race-won-by-a-few-hundred-thousand landslide-for-the-warmoneymongers election.*)

Gentle readers, of this most excellent bit of philosophy, I ask you,

Original youtube link .

These were all real, true experiences, except for the part about exit polls, which was sarcasm.  All who are interested I suggest they watch the video in the next post for extra credit.

Be seeing you.






Unlike me, 
many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, 
and will die here like rotten cabbages.
The Prisoner

Be seeing you.

Officers Notice Nothing Unusual As They Read Miranda Rights To Woman They Are Arresting For Remaining Silent

Works only from Youtube page: Storyboard generated from video below using the Youtube Storyboard Bookmarklet.

That moment is priceless.  She, a lawyer, is suing.  Watch:

Story via

After New Jersey state troopers arrested Rebecca Musarra for remaining silent, they informed her, "You have the right to remain silent." That should have been a clue that something was amiss with their legal justification for hauling her off to jail.

According to a federal lawsuit filed by Musarra, a Philadelphia attorney, and dashcam footage recently obtained by NJ Advance Media, Trooper Matthew Stazzone pulled her over for speeding on October 16 and asked for her license, registration, and proof of insurance. She handed over the documents but did not respond when Stazzone asked her a question. He repeated the question several times, becoming increasingly agitated and warning her that she would be arrested if she did not answer. Here is the vitally important question that Stazzone kept asking: "Do you know why you're being pulled over tonight?"
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